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1. Clear your concepts about everything from n.c.e.r.t. books. If u have further problems just refer books like abc/pradeep's/dinesh, etc. Just follow one extra book. Because u have your board exams too.

2. After board exams dont waste time taking coaching classes. These things are useless.

3. Revise everything . Even from 1st year syllabus. Download the syllabus from the website. Tick everything you go through.

4. The above things are only possible only if you study day and night. Speacially number 3 seems impossible. So my tip is to stick to a single subject . Clear every single topic of that particular subject. I personally prefer chemistry. Because you cant expect the questions to be easy in those exams. And solving physics and maths problembs in those exams will take massive amont of time. So study chemistry specially the organic section. You will only have to remember things. You dont need to solve them.

5. Another tip is - in the examination hall if it seems that you are getting some answers right, but u know that they are not enough to get you through..then forget about the negative markings and go on ticking everthing even if you dont know the answers. Atleast your probability to get selected will increase. For every wrong answer you get -1 but for every correct answer you get +4. (this tip is only for half prepared students)

6. Hardwork !! Without hardwork you cant do anything good. Stop dreaming about how to do the things, start doing the things. 

My best wishes are with you if you work hard.

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